Katja Kromann

Katja Kromann

I make functional and decorative handmade ceramics.

I live and design by these eight words:

Aesthetics Function Scale Texture Color Balance Message Flow

These days I call Seattle in Washington home, but I am originally from Denmark and moved to the America in 2000. My Scandinavian roots still strongly influence my designs. I have made many types of handmade design in my life and since 2018, I have been making ceramics.

I explore the opposite side of ‘plain’ by working with the universe that is found in strong form with clean lines. I search for the calm and raw honesty that is found here which I compound with my neutral color palette. 

I work with stoneware clay, mostly on the wheel. My work is often a mixture of wheel thrown pieces with a hand-built element to them, such as the attachment of a foot or a handle, stenciling or carving of a pattern.

By request, I teach hand-building workshops and wheel instruction to both new and seasoned ceramicists. Lighting someone up by helping them achieve new skills fuels my soul.

Here is an even longer version of all things me on my katjakromann.com portfolio.

My studio

I work out of my homebased ceramic studio just south of Seattle.


Read about how my studio was built

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My clay mark

This is my clay mark. All my work is stamped with this letter K. 

Clay mark K

But did you notice that when you turn it one quarter sideways, it is also a little guy dancing?

Once you see it, you can't un-see it. amirite?

dancing logo Cha-cha-cha


I share more of my work and process as posts, stories and reels on Instagram.

Studio Stories

I work out of my home based studio in a forest. These are my stories.


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