Sometimes, I teach fellow potters. Here is what some of them have to say about it.

In 30 minutes, I learned more about how to throw from Katja, than I learned from the entire 10-week course I just took somewhere else, Jeanette -March 2023

I have made ceramics for 26 years and Katja finally taught me how to center, Olga 90 - June 2023

I cannot express enough gratitude to my new friend and ceramics mentor who has truly been a valuable resource. As a beginner potter, I was intimidated by the craft, but her guidance and tips made it a lot easier. She shared her depth of knowledge and skills with me without hesitation, which made me feel less intimidated and more comfortable. Through her tips and suggestions, I was able to create my first few pots successfully. Her patience and positive attitude truly made all the difference. I highly recommend her as a mentor to anyone hoping to dive into the art of ceramics. Thank you, Katja for your guidance and kindness, Rachael - June 2023

Katja was extremely patient and thorough in explaining the foundations of pottery such as wedging, centering, and bringing up walls. I had no prior knowledge of how to throw pottery and walked away from her lesson with a solid foundation and confidence in throwing. She is an extremely skilled communicator and teacher. I would without a doubt recommend her to anyone, Jordan - Nov 2023

Katja's lesson on pottery fundamentals was super helpful for me as a beginner. She gave tips and methods that immediately improved my throwing process that I can continue to practice and improve further, Chloe - Nov 2023

Katja is so knowledgeable in all things clay and is very generous with sharing what she knows. Katja is patient and kind with all the best tips and suggestions, Alice - Feb 2024.